Air water heater marketing new model: experience consumption
2019-12-8 10:31:27

        From B2B to B2C, and then to the present O2O. With the introduction of a variety of marketing models, network marketing has prevailed, and occupy most of the market share of sales. Online query data, offline experience to buy, consumers pay more attention to rational sales, experience consumption.  
        Marketing is actually a kind of psychology, a look, a movement, a word is a bridge to the hearts of consumers in the world. Experiential marketing can not only meet the consumer's perception of the product, but also reflect the consumer's rational consumption concept. The perception on how to handle the five level?  
        First of all, visual, visual comparison of the consumer, the appearance of air energy products, shapes will be judged by the eyes. Although it is said that the taste of the current consumer preferences vary, but most of them like the details to do fine, generous appearance, full of personality products.  
        Followed by hearing, hearing can be said to be word-of-mouth advertising, the brand of the enterprise hit out, consumers hear, will naturally pay more attention to the brand. The advertisement is advertised, consumers look more, listen more, naturally deep impression of the products, often when he need this type of product, the first reaction is certainly thought of this brand.  
        The final touch, touch is the most realistic, see a hundred times as a customer in the purchase of air products, you let him put the air to the water tank or the host and other models are compared, better than three, let him go to experience the air products fast, safe, energy saving and other performance. This product is in line with their own installation, whether people feel at ease, whether it is worth buying, he will be in the heart of this product evaluation.  
        Experience consumption is by allowing consumers to experience the product, etc., so that consumers can more effectively than the network can feel the air products and business services, make the sales people to know more about consumer preferences and suggestions. From the consumer to the product has the thorough understanding, deepens the consumer to the product the impression, thus promotes the consumer to purchase the desire. This is the product added value experience. Zero distance contact more attractive to consumers.



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